Sunday, 10 July 2011

Picture Album of Bersih Rally 9th July, 2011 ... historical day

Fun part
Annie with her flower
Women's rights activists at JalanPetaling. They were walking with the crowd towards Stadium Merdeka.

Women activists at Jln Petaling
People, like Annie were holding yellow flowers in Jalan Petaling.

Couple in yellow headband
Some with yellow headbands, Jalan Petaling.

The marchers chanted 'Hidup Rakyat' (The People Live On) ... the chanting was inspiring. Hidup Rakyat said in succession was spellbinding. Sunggoh terkagum lah ... sunggoh siok :p)

Irene Fernandez on wheels

Irene Fernandez looked great with yellow headband and batek hat... ready for the full blast of tear-gas in blue rain coat. Great fashion.

A better view of yellow
Friends helped each other up to get a better view.

Dr Hatta giving a speech at Dataran Maybank

You have to strain a bit to see Dr Hatta (PAS) who has his hand up below the guy wearing yellow. His speech could be heard down the road as people used their hand phones to amplify his voice. There was only one loud hailer.
Using ipad to immediately send pics

Its amazing how technology has helped this movement - lots of young people with ipads, laptops - pictures were taken and uploaded immediately. This was in Jalan Petaling.

Train passengers waved at us, near Puduraya
We waved to the train passengers when they passed above us. This was at the junction near puduraya.

Raja, Senator Rama and MP Mano

Senator Rama said that they were from Brickfields and they walked and joined the Jalan Pudu group. They broke thru the police cordon in Brickfields.

The Stinging Part
First round of tear gas

At Jalan Pudu, the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) moved in. The marchers were prepared with masks, towels, rain-coats. The tear gas was stinging, eyes itching, coughing, stinging ... but boleh tahan (can withstand). In hindsight it was not stinging as the Hindraf rally. In the Hindraf rally the sting stayed on for more than an hour.

Taking cover from rain and tear gas

People passed salt around to overcome the stinging effect of the tear gas. Before the first round of tear gas was fired we all chanted "Allah hu akhbar" (God is great) - it helped us to overcome our fear. We waited ... with God in our hearts and peace within ourselves.

Everyone waiting for the next move

Under the city's skyline, in Jalan Pudu we waited what the FRU was going to do next?

We waited on the pavements

Syed Husin in Jln Pudu
Syed Husin like many of us were relieved the tear gas volley and water cannons stopped ... a breather. Both sides of Jln Pudu were the FRU and police.
The crowd moving in to hear out the negotiation

Sivarasa was trying to negotiate with the police for the marchers to go thru. There was about 20mins of respite ... we knew it didn't work when they shot the volley of tear gas and water cannon.

SUHAKAM observers

SUHAKAM staff in green and rain-coats was there to observe and send their reports to international organisations on the hundreds of human rights violations.

The water cannons were flushed into the Chinese Maternity hospital grounds...

Marchers facing the FRU

Marchers sat after the 2 volleys of water cannons. They faced the FRU who were beating their shields and moving forward. One chap laid on the ground.

People were running up chased by police with batons

After more than 6 rounds of water cannon and tear gas ... a group of policemen with batons ran into the Chinese Maternity Hospital grounds to chase and catch marchers. In this picture people were running up the slope next to the hospital. 

Some resting, having a drink

There were security marshals to advice us on where not to rest. There were some who rested at a enclosed area ... security people told them "when they come its difficult to get out ... get out now". Security marshals were everywhere. It was good to take a sip of water after the heavenly and hellish showers.

After a heavy day's work in justice it was home to tell the stories

At about 3:30pm everyone found their way out of Jalan Pudu into Jalan Petaling ... to have a drink, a pee or to smoke ... it was difficult finding clean toilets. Everyone must have walked more than 5kms.

BERSIH was a success. The rakyat has shown that the lies must stop, the corruption must stop. Many have said they are fed up with this government. 9th July saw all ages, all colours come together to celebrate history ... they came to ask for change.


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