Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Protest at the Cambodian Embassy

On a rainy morning on 10th Jan, 2014, unions and a few NGOs were at the Royal Cambodian Embassy to protest on the State's violent treatment of Cambodian workers in their own country. We met the third Secretary of the Embassy to hand in our protest letter. The workers demanded for minimum wage but was beaten violently by police and locked up in a notorious prison meant for hardened criminals. MTUC, TNB Junior Officers union, Dignity International, Suaram, Jerit, Committee for Asian Women and Persatuan Sahabat Wanita members were there.
In the embassy meeting the  of the third secretary of the embassy. In the foreground on left is Lee Siew Hwa representating the Asia Floor Wage Alliance, Irene Xavier representing Committee for Asian Women

Minimum Wage vs Living Wage in Asia

The exchange rate 1Euro equals to Malaysian Ringgit RM4.33 (10 Jul, 2014). The minimum wage in Malaysia is RM900 and Living wage is RM1,564.04. The minimum wage is 54% of the Living Wage.